How To Create An Account In Google Analytics

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Google Analytics has become very much popular among the businesses that are on the look for tracking the traffic coming towards their website. It also helps them analyze how their website is performing among the website visitors. Thus this tool allows website owners to understand whether their website is providing the best experience for the website visitors or not.

Here is how an account can be created in Google Analytics.

Navigating to Google Analytics Website

Type in the browser
Click button denoted as ‘Access Analytics’
A new web page will be displayed that consists of a brief introduction of how the Analytics works
Select the ‘Sign Up’ button for creating an account
Users can either sign up with their own personal Google Account or can create a new Google account specifically for tracking the analytics data which users do not want to mix up with the personal Google account
Website or mobile app tracking

Navigate towards the top of the page and choose buttons that help you choose among either a website tracking or mobile app tracking.

Add account information

Users will have to provide some basic information to Google as a means to create a Google Analytics account.

These are the basic information that has to be provided.

An account name has to be entered
Navigate towards the ‘Setting up your property’ option and enter the website name and URL or app name
Select the industry that suits your website and the business that you are dealing with and also choose the time zone
Additional Details

Other details that has to be included in creating an account include,

Choose among the four data sharing options that can be enabled as well as disabled as per the user requirements
Users will have to navigate towards an admin page where in users can get the tracking ID for their website or mobile app
The implementation and changes in the analytics tags can be performed much easily using the Google Tag Manager website
An account can be then created and a container can be added
Here is how a tag can be inserted within the websites using Google Analytics and help the website owners to start monitoring the results regarding how the website is performing among the site visitors.

Tag insertion in websites

When a container is created, a tag would be displayed which has to be copied and has to be inserted in each of the web pages that needs to be tracked
The source code will have to be opened in order to insert the tags
The copied code can be then placed right below the opening tag
Navigate to the configuration page of the container and click the ‘Add a new tag’ link
Choose ‘Google Analytics’ from the product list
The tracking ID then has to be copied and pasted from the Google Analytics Admin page
Choose a Trigger for the tag
Click the ‘Save Tag’ button
Click ‘Publish Now’ to send the tag towards website and activate it
You will receive analytic reports after 24 hours and thereby can start monitoring the results

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